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ALINX Wins ICGOO Innovation Online's



On December 15, 2022, the Innovation Online Technology Group held an annual summit with the theme of "building a digital economic core carrier and promoting the safe development of the supply chain" in the luxury banquet hall of Sheraton Greater China Hotel in Shenzhen. ALINX was invited to participate. ALINX won the "Excellence · Annual Influence Brand" of ICGOO Innovation Online in 2022 by virtue of its outstanding performance and contribution in the industry status and brand influence, innovation, supply chain, etc.

ICGOO Online Mall, affiliated to the Innovation Online Group, was officially put into operation in August 2008. The company is headquartered in Beijing and has several branches across the country. ICGOO Online Mall integrates global high-quality resources, maintains close cooperation with world-class excellent suppliers (such as Digi-Key, Arrow, Rochester, Future, etc.) for a long time, and actively expands domestic and foreign original channels (such as Shengbangwei, ALINX, Jinshengyang, Runshi, Xinbaiwei, Ruineng, Housheng, Xinzhou, etc.).


ALINX Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., founded in 2012 and headquartered in Shanghai Songjiang Lingang Science and Technology City, is a vehicle intelligent product and FPGA technology solution company with two major brands of "AUMO" and "ALINX", of which the AUMO brand focuses on vehicle intelligent products and the ALINX brand focuses on FPGA products and solution customization.

ALINX is the official partner of XILINX, the leading enterprise of the global FPGA chip company, and the official partner of Ziguang Tongchuang, the leading enterprise of the domestic FPGA chip company. At the same time, as the partner of Baidu AI, ALINX has customized the Edgeboard series edge equipment of the domestic AI propeller system for Baidu. Through years of research and development investment, more than 100 FPGA SoM modules and supporting boards have been launched, and more than 1000 enterprise batch users and tens of thousands of independent developers have been accumulated. The market share is far ahead.

ALINX will continue to increase its investment in product R&D and technical research, continue to cooperate with customers in the vertical industry, focus on high-end equipment, and assist customers in solving technical problems in the industry. The company has made breakthroughs in AI, autopilot, medical equipment, rail transit, semiconductor and other fields, and has many project R&D and customization experience.

As a leading supplier of FPGA solutions and smart car solutions, we combine our own advantages to deeply explore the FPGA industry and smart car field, increase technology research and development, and better serve customers.

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